This is my current progress on my game. Please check the indicators next to each version, as I will list if they are updated, updating or outdated. I will try when updating, to list a rough ETA for completion.

Android Version
Greiving-Gastrona-V002 - Outdated
To access the menu in game, press two fingers on the screen. To go back from the menu, press two fingers on the screen.

Pc Version
Greiving-Gastrona-V001 - Outdated
To access in game menu, press the right mouse button and then press it again to exit menus.

Web Browser Version
Browser Game - Updated
To access the main menu, use the same method as the PC version if on PC, and the same method for Android if using a mobile device or tablet. And repeat the same steps to exit any menus or to go back to a previous menu.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to work out how to set this to display full screen on any device/browser. I am still working on a fix for this.

I would like only constructive ideas please. Send them to my Email if you can.